Businesses advised to get their heads in the cloud

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Raw - Headshots-10Cloud technologies comprise the tools and technologies that allow us to share resources in order to store information remotely, rather than this happening on a single machine.  This enables data to be accessed from anywhere and from any device, meaning the office can go with you wherever you are.


As part of iNorthumberland Business Support’s fully funded programme of digital training, Joanna Wake – managing director of North East-based RAW Digital Training – has put together an in-depth training module that teaches you all you need to know to start using and benefiting from cloud technologies. Here, Joanna shares her advice on getting on board with the cloud.


Joanna recommends that SMEs adopt cloud technology as it is an excellent option due to its low cost and highly scalable infrastructure. She says: “My first piece of advice is that businesses thinking about migrating to cloud technologies should assess exactly what their business needs are in terms of their IT. This will help determine which cloud-based platform would best suit their individual business.


“There are a large number of cloud-based services available, from customer relationship management to financial software, so whatever your business does there are sure to be ways that the cloud can benefit you.”


Joanna advises that SMEs should not be afraid to embrace the cloud technologies available for businesses as they are more than likely already using them in their day-to-day lives, such as when shopping online or using social media.


She adds: “While SMEs will already be using various cloud technologies, they do need to commit the time needed to learn which platforms might be most helpful to them for business purposes and how to use these most effectively. As with any software, this ensures you get the maximum benefit out of the tools for your business.


“The free online training we developed for iNorthumberland Business Support gives a walk through guide to cloud technologies and is a great place for SMEs to start their journey.  The masterclasses that follow on from this give face-to-face time with us, where we will demonstrate some of the tools and answer any questions to make sure that learners feel skilled, confident and empowered to take control of this technology.”


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