Can small businesses benefit from coaching?

April 16 10:15 2016

Chris Orrick

The short answer is yes!

We know that owning and running a small business can often be tough. There are always 1001 tasks to complete, orders to fulfil, clients to meet, staff issues to deal with and deadlines to achieve.

Many business owners have superb technical skills at their chosen profession, but running a successful business requires a much different set of skills above and beyond the technical abilities of the owner. Sometimes business owners can feel a bit lost in their business.

Creating a partnership with a coach or mentor to support you through challenging times in your business could really make the difference in the outcome you achieve.

During tough times, a great coach will ask questions in a way that will cause you to consider all of your options, even those you would prefer not to think about, and enable you to conclude the best course of action for you in a safe environment.

The crucial thing is it’s all about you! Your coach should work with you to understand the issues you’re facing and provide a structure that allows you to effectively improve the current situation you are struggling with.

So what can a coach help me with as a small business owner?

The great thing about a coach is that they can help you with a number of different yet related areas:

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Providing clarity with decision making
  • Increase confidence
  • Better goal setting
  • Creating better strategies
  • Develop leadership
  • Discover ways of managing staff effectively
  • Increase profitability
  • Much much more

Key points to consider from the coaching process

Be open and honest with your coach – this is a personal relationship you’re entering into so being honest and transparent will enable you to gain much more out of the process.

It’s all about you – it’s about your willingness to want to change a particular aspect of your business or behaviour. The responsibility for this lies with you, not the coach. The coach cannot do the work for you.

It’s a positive process – unlike counselling, coaches are not trying to heal wounds created in your past. Coaching is a forward looking process to help make positive changes in your behaviour leading to increased outcomes.

Coaching is a professional tool – many of today’s most successful sports stars have coaches. This is no mistake. Sports stars know that they need external support to help them in their business.

Coaching can benefit any size of business – even those that are pre-startup!

If you’d like to arrange an initial meeting to discuss areas where you would like to improve I’d be happy to spend a little time with you.

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